Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page, where you can explore various topics. If your question is not discussed here, please, contact us via Contact in the right top corner, and we will be happy to assist you within the next couple of hours. 


Our merchandise gets assembled by a Print-on-demand company that fulfils and ships our orders directly to you. Order fulfilment takes about five working days, and only then it is ready to be dispatched to you. To find out the estimated shipping time for your prefered destination, you can contact us via the Contact form on our merchandise website. 

Our items are supported with order tracking pages, so as soon as you make an order, we send you a confirmation email with your order tracking page. We advise you to sign up for email notifications to receive updates about the shipping. Don't worry, and we will also be keeping an eye on your order to be delivered safely. If you have a question, do not hesitate to contact us via the Contact form on our merchandise website. 


In the case of returning orders, our store strictly follows the return policies of a co-working print-on-demand company. We kindly ask you to present any claims for defective items within four weeks after receiving your order. Also, you must submit your claim no later than four weeks after the estimated delivery date for parcels that got lost in transit. If you have a question or a concern over your order, please, contact us via Contact on our merchandise website to find the best solution. 


As you may have noticed, we offer all of our products as rewards for our Patreon community. To receive your gift and many other perks, you have to become a patron of one of our Phases on patreon.com/experimentalfilmsociety. Depending on a Phase, after three months of being a patron, you could be entitled to receive a selected product. If you are unsure how our reward system works, you can contact us via the Contact form on our merchandise website.